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by Admin | 1 year ago | About Us

My name is Nyima singhi lama and I am a sculptor with a keen skill in sculpting Buddha statues. You will find a wide range of decorated and beautifully adorned Buddha clay sculptures in my gallery. I have been told by my customers that my sculptures evoke a sense of wonder, awe and create an aura of tranquility all around. Today, the most sought after Buddha sculptures are usually those made of clay. These clay made sculptures are very attractive to the customers as they display uncanny craftsmanship. As an artist I believe taste changes but quality holds its value. I have seen that the market for Buddhist sculptures can fluctuate with different styles rising and falling in popularity. However, an exemplary piece of art will hold its value as it is evident from my past experiences. What makes for great quality in a Buddhist sculpture is based on a number of factors, including the stylistic modeling of the figure, the rarity of the subject, and the skill of the artist. I possess all the skills to create a very attractive piece of Buddhist sculpture and this is one of the reasons my art is in high demand. I sincerely believe that you don't have to be a Buddhist to appreciate a Buddhist sculpture. I have seen that many customers are drawn to the religious components of the objects, other appreciate the rich history of more than 2,000 years of Buddhist art. An interest in Buddhist sculpture is an interest in ideology, iconography and the consistency of certain themes throughout millennia. These are universal themes that can find an audience in everyone.

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