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Hello. Welcome to Chiri Nyima handicraft art gallery. Here, you will find well crafted, decorated and beautifully adorned clay Buddhist sculptures. All these artistic practices are influenced by Buddhism. These beautiful sculptures are all made of clay as it is an agreed fact in all schools of Buddhist tradition that clay has a very sacred and mythical importance. In Buddhist tradition clay is closely associated with earth and it is a widely known fact that earth propagates life and provides us with nourishment and sustenance. Many Lamas also believe that clay sculptures can communicate with the living and can look into our past lives and also mitigate our bad Karmas. It has been found that clay made Buddhist sculptures are always in high demand as the customers are attracted to intricate details and exquisite designs of these sculptures. There is a huge market for clay sculptures and these sculptures can also be bought as collectors' items as many collectors feel these sculptures to be rare as compared to other bronze sculptures which are found in abundance but do not hold the same charm that found in clay sculptures.

Our Products

Mostly we dont keep stocks but sometime we have to, so pleae feel free to browse the collection we have in stock.